East Morrissey Neighborhood Association

About Us

The East Morrissey Neighborhood Association was formed in 1996 under the auspices of Santa Cruz Neighbors to address neighborhood issues such as traffic and crime in the area bordered by Morrissey Boulevard on the West, Highway 1 on the North, Park Way and the East, and Soquel Avenue on the South.

Streets included in the East Morrissey Neighborhood Association include:

Acacia, Almena, Carl, Eastgate, Fairmount, Hammond, Marnell, Melrose, Pacheco, Park Way, Parnell, Roxas, San Juan, Suburbia, Suburbia Ct., Trevethan

All neighbors are encouraged to get involved, whether you own a home in the area, are renting, or have a business.


Due to an influx of spam on our mailing lists that made moderating them a hassle, and hacking attempts on the website, all of our discussion groups and content have been moved to nextdoor.com.  You can sign up for an account and interact with your neighbors there.